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Myself Ahamed Althaf Pottachola from Kerala. Completed my B.E Mechatronics at Anna University Coimbatore. After that I was worked for an IT firm as an SEO analyst. Hours passed, and I concluded That I was merely repeating the same activity like a robot. I knew I didn’t deserve this lifestyle of trading time for money, which essentially meant functioning for someone else’s success. I just wanted to be independent, and luckily I got into this business. I just joined there I had no idea what these people in this business were doing, but what I saw was they all were excited, which made me stay here. The best part of this business is the interaction we need to have with humans, and it was crazy, I liked it! , developed my communication skills, knowledge, I started this with a good pleasing smile, I worked hard for myself, developed my communication skills, knowledge, and personality I updated myself to gem level. They taught me how to handle most clients globally, outstanding mentorship and leadership skills, making me feel awesome. It was not easy because success is will never come with ease.

Ahammed Althaf Pottachola
Organisational Head

Promoted Owners

Thankful for the Hassles:
How Challenges Fueled My Business Success

After graduating as a mechanical engineer from Sree Chithira Thirunal College, Kerala, I started working as a Process Associate in an IT firm. Within a short span, I realised that was not my cup of tea. I never wished to have a sedentary job. My craving for a business idea was fulfilled when I got this job. I worked with little understanding and greater dreams a year back as a beginner.I was gradually moulded. Enthusiasm and self-confidence were the foundation over which I built my business career. I am always grateful for the best mentorship and guidance that I got, which helped me cross all the hassles and help me become a Business Owner. Stepping into this unknown territory, I started with wide-eyed enthusiasm and a bag full of dreams. But raw passion wasn’t enough. The guidance and mentorship I received nurtured my skills, instilled confidence, and equipped me with the tools to transform my business aspirations into a tangible reality.

Yashwanth Krishna
Business Head | Spartanz Inc

From MBA Grad to Company Owner:
How Alza Shaped My Career Path

Myself Krishna Sagar, an MBA graduate from Amity University Delhi. After completing the graduation, I wanted to work abroad for a better future. I had to wait couple of months for the Visa process. In the meantime, I thought of working for some company till that procedure is completed. That is the time I got the Interview call from Alza Inc. I attended & cracked. Initially I started working with the mentality of leaving the job once the Visa is ready. But within the first 2 months itself I started noticing changes in me. I become good with discipline; my personality was improving day by day & I started growing here. Then I started thinking like, why should I go to another country for a better life when I can have that here! I have a chance of running my own company. When I understood the opportunity well, I stayed back. There are lot of things Alza taught me and in that one thing is “Instead of thinking  about your success, try to be the best in whatever level you are. That will gradually take you to success”.

Krishna Sagar
Business Head | Acceron Inc

Coonoor Roots, Global Ambitions:
How My Journey Embraced Growth

I am a native of Coonoor and a graduate in Commerce from GRD College of science. I always wanted myself to be the sole reason for my entire growth. I was blessed to find the company named Focus Management . It was the turning point of my life.From there I met my Mentor Mr.Ahmmed Althaf who is the major source of inspiration in my career.The journey transformed me from a reserved person to a more social and approachable person. I learned the attributes of leadership, competition and patience and applied the same in my business. I was surrounded by people with great goals. I am thankful for the guidance and support that I received.I am sure that I could lead a successful venture. With each challenge faced and lesson learned, I discovered within myself the potential to lead and inspire others. Today, the journey continues. Armed with the skills, confidence, and network I’ve built, I’m eager to embark on my next venture. With a heart full of gratitude and a spirit fueled by ambition, I’m ready to lead and contribute to the world in a meaningful way.

Roshni Rajagopal
Business Head | Elixiron Inc

From Engineer to Entrepreneur:
My Unexpected Journey with Alza Inc.

Like many graduates, I was on the well-worn path of job applications and interview prep. But my story took a different turn when I encountered Alza Inc. It wasn’t just about finding a job; it was about discovering the entrepreneur within and crafting my own identity. Forget routine desk jobs – Alza ignited a passion for building my own company. They recognized my efforts, dedication, and raw potential, and nurtured them through their exceptional training program. It wasn’t just about skills; it was about transforming into a leader, a risk-taker, a business mind. Alza Inc. didn’t just give me an opportunity; they unlocked the best version of myself. My journey may have started in Kollam, Kerala, but thanks to Alza, it’s now headed towards building a legacy – owning a company that embodies my aspirations and creates a unique mark on the world.

Amrutesh S
Business Head | Chase Inc

From Fresher to Branch Head:
Alza's Mentorship Fuels Business Success

“Life is a journey, enjoy the ride on two wheels” this was my attitude being a rider. Myself,Thomas Vincent. 2020 is the year which turned my life completely, i was so confused with my career that’s when I got an opportunity to do higher studies in Australia and to explore entrepreneurship through alza inc. And yes being my own boss inspired me so yes I chose ownership. Had my share of ups and downs but throughout the period the nurture I got from Alza had built my confidence to run a business and strong supporting environment is what kept me going. From joining as a fresher to start a new branch soon, I believe my success as an individual is due to determination and proper guidance which Alza is always ready to provide. Happy and overwhelmed to be a part of the most creative and energetic organization, Alza Inc.

Thomas Vincent
Business Head | Deadax

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