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A business associate is required to attend corporate meetings, tele-calling residential meetings, several training workshops and earn more profitability.

Responsibilities : The responsibilities of a Business Associate comprise of:- Accredited Product Training Understanding Application Process Quality Management Meeting Client Expectations Implementing the System Process Demonstrating a Positive Self-image

Benefits : The benefits obtained from the Business Associate role: Conveying a Positive Attitude Customer Service Skills Time Management Work Ethics Accountability Consistent Performance Profitability

Tenure : 3-4 Weeks


The role of an HRD trainer is to observe people or situations, recruitment and retention of employees, actively conduct training sessions, give corporate presentations, set examples for others to follow and focus on personal recruitment.

Responsibilities : The responsibilities of an HRD Trainer consist of:- Training & Development Planning for Personal & Team Development Team Building Activities Earning the Observation Understanding the Recruitment Process Final Evaluation Process Understanding Key Administrative Procedures

Benefits : The benefits obtained from the HRD Trainer role:- Profitability People Management Skills Team Management Problem Solving Skills Conflict Management Skills

Tenure : 8-12 Weeks


The Crew Leader is expected to build a capable team and continuously motivate them, set certain goals, effortlessly manage their territories, practice sharing & networking, inculcate leadership skills and encourage team development.

Responsibilities : The responsibilities of an Executive Trainer / Crew Leader consist of:- Team Building Sales Management Networking Territory Management Goal Setting/ Impact Sessions

Benefits : The benefits obtained from an Executive Trainer/ Crew Leader role:- Motivational Skills Decision Making Skills Client Interactions Corporate Presentations

Tenure : 8-12 Weeks


An Assistant Manager would be responsible for planning and strategizing, conducting interviews, handling office administration and its dynamics, carrying out sales impact sessions and effectively managing all the finances and accounting work.

Responsibilities : The responsibilities of an Assistant Manager comprise of:- Personal Development Developing & Coaching Trainers Understanding Ownership Revenue Management Monitoring Quality & Performance Planning & Strategizing Conducting Interviews

Benefits : The benefits gained from undertaking the responsibilities of an Assistant Manager role:- Crisis Management Territory Management Multitasking Skills Human Behavioural Pattern

Tenure : 8-12 Weeks

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