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From MBA Grad to Company Owner:
How Alza Shaped My Career Path

There are lot of things Alza taught me and in that one thing is “Instead of thinking  about your success, try to be the best in whatever level you are. That will gradually take you to success”.

Coonoor Roots, Global Ambitions:
How My Journey Embraced Growth

Today, the journey continues. Armed with the skills, confidence, and network I’ve built, I’m eager to embark on my next venture. With a heart full of gratitude and a spirit fueled by ambition, I’m ready to lead

Thankful for the Hassles:
How Challenges Fueled My Success

I started with a bag full of dreams. The mentorship I received nurtured my skills, instilled confidence, and equipped me with the tools to transform my business aspirations into a tangible reality.

From Engineer to Entrepreneur:
My Unexpected Journey with Alza Inc.

My journey may have started in Kollam, Kerala, but thanks to Alza, it’s now headed towards building a legacy – owning a company that embodies my aspirations and creates a unique mark on the world.

From Fresher to Branch Head:
Alza's Mentorship Fuels Business Success

“Life is a journey, enjoy the ride on two wheels” this was my attitude being a rider. Myself,Thomas Vincent. 2020 is the year which turned my life completely, i was so confused with my career that’s when…

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